10 Top Tech Towns

If you are a geek and you are deciding where do you want to live.

Here, you have the answer: 

The charms of the Emerald City go way beyond late-night cafés, plentiful microbreweries, and the world’s premier science fiction museum. Catch the local Weird Science Salon, where monthly meetings promise “cryogenic marshmallow liquid nitrogen shenanigans” and “blowing stuff up.”


Attend a dinner party in the Bay Area and be prepared to discuss Verizon’s Bluetooth support, the inner workings of Ajax, or network neutrality. Nerds are in their element here, and the tech-celebrity sightings are legendary.

Southern California is home to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and Caltech. Plus, MySpace was born here, and Electronic Arts and Yahoo have offices. Then there’s the porn industry, which can turn you into Scorsese for the cost of a camera, two girls, and a broadband link. Take that, Hollywood.

Inspiration for Slacker, epicenter of the first EFF battle, home to Dell, Whole Foods, and South by Southwest. Not to mention host to the most dorkbot attendees in the country. Only downside: It’s surrounded by Texas.

All that Battlestar Galactica will come in handy: Walt Disney World and Epcot actually pay you to make the unreal seem real. When you’re ready to engage with planet Earth again, check out the city’s craigslist site, one of the most happening in the country.

The jocks here may get worked up about college hoops, but the tech set is passionate about Linux distros and Mac-PC holy wars. North Carolina’s Triangle is ground zero for Red Hat, SAS Institute, and an IBM center. Bonus: The area hosts two World Beer Festivals a year.

Come for the country’s top-ranked computer science school; stay for the robotics startups that Carnegie Mellon alums are founding. If androids aren’t your style, try for a gig at Google‘s new engineering office.

Tech startups are back, and Wi-Fi is everywhere. And Asperger‘s sufferers can rejoice: Being antisocial isn’t rude – it’s your civic duty. New York is also perfect for marathon coding sessions, since anything – food, drugs, hookers – can be delivered.

Obsessive open source hacking, multitasking operating systems, involuntary celibacy … it’s like geekiness was invented here. Winters may be frigid, but at least there are lots of single nerds to hibernate with.

DC isn’t just a policy-wonk utopia, it’s also the ultimate place to be a coder looking for love. There are more postings from the nation’s capital on Geek 2 Geek, an online dating service for nerds, than from any other city we surveyed.

“by: Wired”


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  1. Maybe is important add cities from China, India or Israel…
    Geat article !


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