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Be careful with O’Neill Property agency Edinburgh – John Knapp rip us off

I would like to report of abusive and unfair behaviour by O’Neill Property letting agency in Edinburgh .6 North West Circus Place Old Town Edinburgh EH3 6ST, United Kingdom.

Our leaving date was agree after the agency had found a new tenant. Surprisingly   I was charged £194.82 due to a change in the entry date of the new tenants

I was not responsible for as the issue was in connection with obtaining the new tenants’ references…

The Agency never advise us of this charge  and they deducted it directly from the deposit.

I tried several times to speak to Mr Ralph Weir and John Knapp, office manger of O’Neill  (senior stuff) who continuously avoided my calls, In fact I spent more than £20 in mobile call without success.

This review comes as a result of my disappointment with Oneill letting agency and intents to being awareness and warn potential tenants about their abusive and unfair behaviour by the Agency O´neill and the lack of professionally of:

As a tenant we spent 10 months in the flat and we pay all the bills in time every month and therefore we fulfil all our obligations as tenants.

I have all the documentation to back up this review, find attach

O´neill´s notification according to our last day of tenancy was  5/10/2012: (26 of setember) 

Last day of tenancy

Reason to charge me £194.82: (20 of November)

Oneill agency reason

Reason to recharge O´neill property agency Edinburgh:

Oneill invoice

Before renting a flat with O’Neill Property, thing it twice….  

Oneill letting agency rip me off

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